Latex in Playboy

Latex in Playboy

September 1, 2009

Many of you evoked since some time to see the blond latex model Susan Wayland in Playboy magazine. In September 2009 this dream came true: Susan Wayland is featured with an assortment of the most beautiful pictures in the main edition of Playboy. It's notable this feature contains latex fashion photography only! In the September issue you'll find beside already known pictures a pretty nice portfolio about Susan Wayland and her website. That makes Susan Wayland to the first model in the latex fetish szene who was featured in Playboy with own portfolio and latex pictures. We are very proud of it! This publication shows the talent of model Susan Wayland and bears us out in our photographic works.

Portfolio in the magazine Playboy. You will only find well selected photography in the Playboy with high demands to model and photographer. Our photography in the playboy is a very high honour.

Most Important Covers

Susan Wayland grazed over 50 magazine covers, over 132 flyers and was promoted in numerous interviews. You see here just a small selection of the most important print medias which were very important for Susans success.

Susan Wayland Bio

Susan Wayland in LatexMy name is Susan Wayland or simply Sway, which is my nickname. I was born on June 23rd, 1980, in Leipzig, Germany, and I also grew up in this beautiful city. As a teenager I got some experience with modeling or similar forms of it. In my school years, I loved drama, playing different characters, fulfilling the role. I was a part in different theater projects like "Romeo and Juliet" or "A Midsummer Night's Dream" from Shakespeare. In those parts, I lived my first passion for the stage and for acting. Years later, I was also an active part of a dance group and enjoyed working on stage again, playing different personalities -- sweet, sexy, cool, or earnest. Even as a teenager, I had a big weakness for sexy and extravagant outfits. When I met Norman Richter, we both discovered the material latex, and in an artistic way we both became a wonderful team. He loved being a photographer in his free time, and very soon I began to model for him. It didn't take long for us to build and develop our common hobby. It was such a new, interesting, and exciting feeling to model in latex and quickly I was totally addicted to that beautiful material which has become an important part of my life. Latex is such a unique material, it's so soft and nestles my body so closely and perfectly like no cloth could. Every touch feels much more intense when you wear latex, and I feel incredibly sexy and feminine like in no other form of dress.

In the year 2000, I began collegiate study, concentrating in History and the German language and literature studies. I moved to the city Brunswick, where I still live today. I like to read books with an historical theme -- history has long fascinated me. So the decision for my course of study was a simple one for me. Soon, I recognized how much I love working as a model, and I began to tackle my hobby now much more professionally than before. I started to work more actively in the modeling business, doing shoots with other photographers and designers for fetish, fashion, and glamour, and soon I got my first runway jobs as well. It was around in the year 2003 when I made an important personal decision for myself. A big wish of mine was to work after university as a full-time professional model, so you could say I decided to pursue my profession immediately. I know this makes me lucky, doing that which I love to do and which fulfills my life. But before making that ultimate decision, I had to run through a long time period of a difficult trade-offs between studying and modeling.

Ever since I more actively pursued my career as a model, I have experienced a lot, met interesting people, and learned many things about myself -- which includes discovering my own strengths and weaknesses. I have lot of fun when I work in front of the camera, and I'm still learning new and interesting things. I can't say that my work has become boring or monotonous. It's far from it!


Susan Wayland Marquis CoverCertainly there are many different publications in which I've appeared as a model, which makes me very proud. Since the year 2004, I've worked together with the world's most important fetish magazine for latex design, Marquis. Their collections are always beautiful and publisher Peter W. Czernich was one of the first who supported me at the beginning of my career and who persuaded me of my talent as a professional model. In the year 2005, I cooperated with the talented French designer Patrice Catanzaro whose designs are very unique, sexy, and elegant, too. In 2006, I was modeling for Fetish-Universe and their design line No-Respect. And since 2006, I've been proud to be the face of Latexa Fashion, a leading latex producer worldwide. Another fantastic opportunity for me was shooting a music video for the band Smatka Molot for their song "Wrong Love". The theatrical director Gero von Braunmühl chose me to work with him on different parts of the video featuring sexy latex. All our energy and hard work earned respected as it received the 2006 Hollywood Discovery Award for the best music video, and the 2007 New York Independent Film Festival award for best international music video.

In addition to these projects, I've experienced as a model those personal little cherries on the top of the modeling business -- beeing on the cover of a magazine. Some of these covers have made me very proud. In 2004, I was on the cover of Skin Two Magazine, one of the world's major fetish magazines. Later in 2006, I got to be on the cover of the biggest latex fetish magazine of all, Marquis Magazine. In the year 2007, there followed some more covers such as the front of David Jackson's DDI international magazine, the cover of MassaD, and others.

I have experienced a lot of fantastic things since I've been working as a model, but beside the many interesting projects and jobs, I went back and passed my state examination for History and German language and literature studies in December 2007, too. I was so happy about that, and beyond that, I am happy working full-time in my dream job and passion, modeling. Now, I concentrate even more intensively on my work, and l'm looking forward to all the new and interesting projects that await me in the future.


Susan Wayland latex dressI enjoy reading, especially historical books. I like to dance, and I love cooking, shopping, and meeting my friends. I like to eat Indian food, preferring spicier meals, sushi, and all the tasty homemade cookies my Grandma bakes. I also love the traditional gummi bears from Haribo -- the genuine and best one in the world. :)

My beauty tips

  • Natural things are good for you, from cosmetics to food.
  • Get a lot of sleep.
  • Love yourself and be satisfied; beauty comes from the inside of you.


hair colour
platin blonde
eye colour
30DD-26-35 inch
121 lbs
shoe size
5,5 /6
clothes size
extra small, small
body type
sporty, slim
on the link calf, on the back and mons
few ear piercings, industrial, belly button, nipple, intim, septum
dedicated, perfectionist, determined, disciplined, honest, adventurous
sometimes melancholy, perfectionist, self-doubt, capriciousness
Nars Blush Sertao, Dior Bronze Powder/Poudre de Soleil 020, Lancome Lip Gloss Ray of Purple Light

What I Like

Punk, Metal, Punk Rock and cool stuff from the 80's
Great musicians
Madonna, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Die Ärzte, Christina Aguilera
Cool Soundtracks
The Shrek, Lord of the Rings, Last Samurai, Kill Bill, Cruel Intentions, Gone in 60 seconds
Matrix, The Simsons-The movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, Million Dollar Baby, Lord of the Rings - extended version!, Kill Bill, The Green Mile
The Simpsons, Scrubs, Futurama, Bill Cosby
Peter Ustinov
"Old man & Mr. Smith"
James Joyce
Stephen King
"The Stand I-III", "Misery", "It", "Pet Sematary", "The Dark Tower I-VII", "Desperation", "The Green Mile"
Thomas Mann
"Buddenbrooks", "The Magic Mountain", "Doctor Faustus", "Mario and the Magician"
John Irving
"The World According to Garp", "The Hotel New Hampshire", "The Cider House Rules", "A Prayer for Owen Meany", "A Widow for One Year", "Until I find you"
Noah Gordon
"The Physican"
J. R. R. Tolkien
"The Hobbit", "Lord of the Rings"
Ken Follett
"The Pillars of the Earth", "World Without End",
Philip Pullmann
"His dark materials" (I-III)
Haruki Marakumi
"Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World", "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle"

Daiquiri and some other cocktails
Indian food, spicy and sour dishes


Susan Wayland green mini dress Why do you like latex? What really turns you on when you feel/see latex?

Latex indeed is a gorgeous material. It is so soft, shiny and flows over your body like a second skin. When I am wearing latex clothes I feel every move I make and every touch much more intensive - in a way it is just like being naked. I also think that it smells like vanilla. (smiles)So, when I am wearing a latex catsuit I am able to show every curve of my body without truly beeing naked. After all, it's an exciting play with people's fantasy and their illusions and all is accentuated by the reflections and shinyness of the latex. Latex can embody perfection, just like you would gaze at a painting in a comic or watch a science fiction movie.

How I keep myself in a good shape?

To look fresh and fit healthy food and enough sleep is essential for me. I am always trying to drink a lot water or tea every day. Diets? No, this doesn't work for me! I prefer to eat healthy and balanced things like fish, chicken, nuts and vegetables. I like sweets and sometimes I can't resist eating gummy bears (smiles). Activity is important to me, too. I prefer using the bycicle instead of taking the car. Last but not least, I visit the gym at least five times a week. I mix muscles and cardio training. That's it... no secrets! ;)

What are you influenced by? Where do you find inspiration for your beautiful work?

I'm really keen on everthing that is aesthetic and on things that offer a good optical characteristic. You can also say that I am an extreme perfectionistic woman. It's important to me that a model performs as professional as possible and that even the smallest details are fitting together perfectly. I found the work of gorgeous Suze Randal and was overwhelmed by her knowledge, better to say the lightening, the dresses and locations and of course her ability to have an eye for all these things. I knew that her photography is considered to be porn and doing porn wasn't my motivation at all. But nevertheless, her style is amazing in my point of view. She is someone I really respect, because she wisely knows how to select the best pictures out of already the best pictures.Inspiration I got of models I would choose Caprice Bourret and Jenna Jameson. Well, you can say a lot about Jenna, but without a doubt she made a lot of beautiful, sexy and also artistic photos! Both models are beautiful, healthy and trimly looking, sexy. They have a perfect body and the certain je nes sais quois. And in my opinion they implement all details that are important or all details a model should have.

Susan Wayland