Delightful Bronze Beauty

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November 2, 2012
I can remember clearly that incredible day in May. You could smell spring all over the place and I was able to enjoy my days off extremely well, for a change. Two female friends and I managed to rent a small Alpine cabin. Away from all the civilization we spent a couple of days engorging ourselves in our mutual passion, which is – you guessed it – latex! Yeah, I can already see you wishing you could have been there. Anyway, even before we went there, we decided that once we arrived, no other material will be worn. You are right once again, either latex or stark naked. Stop salivating. I, of course, jam-packed my luggage with all my favorite latex garments, pants, panties, tops, dresses, everything I fancied. Hidden in a shopping bag, there was a little treasure that I just recently picked up: An incredibly cool latex dress, featuring an astonishing bronze color.
Very shortly before we set off on our little getaway, I was unable to resist purchasing it at Kunzmann’s ( It literally begged me to buy it, winking at me with the coloring and all, really!
Anyway, the day came when I wanted to put this little treasure on. This May Day – I said mayday – was not hot at all, but also not too cold, ergo, just perfect for this beauty. A mild breeze was wafting and I had the inclination to spend the day flaunting my new bronze eye-catcher. Being latex-hungry as I normally am, I could not resist putting on my latex stockings as well, an idea that may have not been the brightest whim I followed. I could hear my inner voice mocking me “sweetie, once these babies start squishing and squeaking, you will wish you went naked instead”. Honestly speaking, naked is always an option – please close your mouth and put your tongue back in, not particularly in that order – but I followed my inclination and simply went with it. I can always go naked, just toss all the stuff off and there I go, right? Is that you growling?
Anyway, the AC was pumping nicely at home – I said pumping - and I did not think twice about my tight black stockings, or maybe I did, but for completely different reasons. Did I ever tell you that latex turns me on? I did?
Where was I? Right, the cabin. So when I went through the door of our cabin, the breeze just put me in rapture, but for real. I could not stop touching the latex that was covering me and the girls I was with looked at me half fearing, half wishing I would include them in my session. Now I am just teasing you, I want to see if you can manage to read this until the end, or you just skip to the series. I would have skipped five minutes ago. Anyway, there I was, all happy, sun caressing me, my fingers probing everywhere, my friends looking – which in a way just made me more turned on – and I enjoying the rush, starting the vacation with a bang. If my friends did not know what to expect, now they have been warned.
For some reason, I guess I really enjoyed myself there, I seem to have spent hours touching myself, engorging my perceptive sensations way beyond limits of sheer decency. I might have been loud too, I have no idea, my gal pals did not say anything later. I probably would have gone on for even longer, if a constant sound, something like “bling – bling” did not rouse me from my crowd.
Through half closed eyes I saw a silhouette right in front of me. When the haze lifted a bit more, I recognized a really sweet girl grinning at me. She had some really tight hotpants and an even tighter rubber shirt on, which made me want to go back to where I was a minute ago, only this time in company. My friend’s hair was braided; it made her look almost juvenile – yummy. “Sway, your coffee is getting cold” she said and her latex squeaked happily in accord. This brought me back and I suddenly realized that I indeed got rid of all my latex, while I was, well, having fun. I grinned back sheepishly and took the cup from her hands. „You just wait” I thought to myself “this vacation has just started”. She seemed to have read my mind, because she grinned back, an eyebrow raised in challenge.

Delightful Bronze BeautyDelightful Bronze BeautyDelightful Bronze BeautyDelightful Bronze BeautyDelightful Bronze Beauty

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