Softly Illumination

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September 17, 2012
I love this underwear, it is a dream. There, I said it and now I can proceed with telling you what this is all about. This underwear is, besides yours truly, the star of this artful series.
Did I ever tell you that I love latex? Well, I guess I did, snicker, snicker, but thin latex, which really clings to your body, is a special kind of latex and do I have to tell you that I adore it? It is truly a remarkable experience to feel it pinch you on all the right places; it is nevertheless light and very skin-friendly. In this series I considered some water games, oops, I meant to say I wanted to play around a bit with water, and I felt that this outfit would be the perfect thing for this series. Water and latex, did I do something similar before? Well, I guess I did, but I loved it each and every time.
There is a similarity there, you see, or rather you will see, hi, hi, I daresay. The latex I am wearing is as transparent as water. The color of the latex is a slightly tinted pink, which is, well, I do not know how to put it; I guess if you can see it I congratulate you on your visual capacities.
There you have it, an artful series, very nicely done, me in some water, splishing and splashing. Latex, close to my skin, I did not feel it at all constraining, rather liberating, smooth and slick, touching me. I believe the water gave me a particular kick this time, I really love latex, but latex and water is a combination that gets me every time. You will enjoy the series very much and if you believe in one shot or another that I am not wearing anything, rest assured that I am – or am I? Put that magnifying glass down.

Softly IlluminationSoftly IlluminationSoftly IlluminationSoftly IlluminationSoftly Illumination

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