Latex Romance Mini Dress

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June 23, 2014
„Latex Romance in Mini Dress“ is the name of my new session and I think it's a perfect name for it. I felt perfectly for a new photo session so I gone into the bath room for trying some new make up styles. After a longer time I finished with an beautiful look and I could imagine which outfit would fit perfectly: My new tight latex mini dress from Westward Bound!
I'm not sure if it's the goal of the designer of Westward Bound but I'm sure they intend to cut the mini dresses extremely short to make them very sexy. Otherwise I don't know why my mini dress always glides up and shows my naked butt. It's not only while I stop but also while walking. For myself I love it because what prefer men more than a girl with a too tight and too short mini dress which show her perfect bum? That's the reason why a mini dress is always the right choice for a good party dress.
If I go to a party with such a mini dress I always feel the views of the visitors. I feel how they start watching my high heels and going my long latex legs up and up. Surprisingly, they stop at my butt and I'm sure most of them wish to see how my dress glides up and shows my naked butt. It's a nice feeling but also a shame because the latex dress look so sexy... also above my butt!
That's the reason why I've splited this session! For all of you who love super tight and hot mini dresses in purple latex you will enjoy the beginning of this session and the videos. For all of you who prefer to see my naked boobies you need to wait for the end of this session. For all of you who love to see latex, my sexy butt AND my big boobs please enjoy the full session! ;)

Latex Romance Mini DressLatex Romance Mini DressLatex Romance Mini DressLatex Romance Mini DressLatex Romance Mini Dress

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