Rubbery Femme Fatale

81 Pictures - Video 12:31 min

October 18, 2010
There is a reason why this session was labeled "Rubbery Femme Fatale". I am wearing perhaps the hottest latex outfit ever with only one thing in my mind – to utterly and completely seduce you out of your mind. The Absolute Danny made black latex body was made to be worn by a true vamp set out to utterly bewitch every man. Additional sensitively chosen latex accessories complete this lethal latex mix that is targeting your senses, my latex lover. This series will stir your passions and bring about your fate, believe me. My body is lubricated all over, making my big breasts and my behind shine, just like the latex skin. Since that I am in a classic bathhouse, rest assured that, for our mutual enjoyment, at some point water will splash everywhere.
If you love latex as much as I do, then Rubbery Femme Fatale will please you immensely. Please enjoy the pictures and videos!

Rubbery Femme FataleRubbery Femme FataleRubbery Femme FataleRubbery Femme FataleRubbery Femme Fatale

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