Burning Pink Dress

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April 25, 2011
It was Saturday and just after a good breakfast I made me ready in the bathroom. I wanted to go to in the city to enjoy the flair of the weekly market but I was not sure what to wear at this place. My latex jeans wear a little too casual and a tight top nothing special. I stand undecided in front of my wardrobe until I saw something shining. My pink colored metallic shiny mini dress leaped to my eyes. Yes, that was exactly the outfit what I was looking for to wear this day. Quickly, I dressed out my bra and slip and jumped in this brilliant latex dress. It was smooth and clinched perfectly to my body shape. I gone to the mirror with full of expectation how it would look like and I was happy to see that it looked so sexy on me. The dress had some suspenders why I was looking for some latex stockings to make the look simply perfect as I would like to be for my little city walk. I chose black stockings because these were perfect for the sexy look and the shiny pink dress. I was happy about my good decision because the whole looks was fabulous.
I went with full anticipation to the weekly market. The atmosphere with the people and the smell of different booths is great. The time passed by quickly while getting some delicacies. I noticed that wearing my latex combination was a great idea. Everyone at the market looked to me and most marketer took some more goods in my bag as requested. The most people were friendly, politely, eagerly and courteously to me which gives me a great feeling to wear latex fashion. My feelings getting more and more intensive as a mixture of expectation and excitation to enjoy my outfit more private. So, I quickly took off and drove home as I wanted to enjoy every moment even more intensive as so far. Well, that's the point where I want to invite you to enjoy with me this perfect feeling while wearing this public “Burning Pink Dress”. Enjoy!

Burning Pink DressBurning Pink DressBurning Pink DressBurning Pink DressBurning Pink Dress

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