Catwoman Rises

103 Pictures - Video 5:23 min

September 24, 2012
There is a shadow lurking in the dark, next to the railway station. A voice, maybe more of a purr, echoes like whispers in the night: “I am Catwoman. Hear me *roar*“. An elegant creature, seemingly on the prowl on all four legs is out to do some mischief. There is a cat on the loose in this neighborhood?
The streets are soiled and stained with oil and dirt, but Catwoman is not at all uneasy about the tattered setting and purposefully strides along the wall, more of a shadow than a silhouette. There is no sound to be heard, the eerie silence working as a cloaking device for the feline being.
This Catwoman is a daring beast, her inborn senses requiring a surveying glance over the surroundings. She hops quickly up and from the secure altitude of a housetop reviews the city backdrop like a canvas ready to be painted. The incredible sight is nothing of interest for her, the task at hand only delayed by a necessary grooming session. She is already on the move, dashing through a block of warehouses, the target destination buried in her infallible sense of direction as if a beacon is luring her towards her goal. This seems to be a heist, a cat burglary of the legendary kind, not for trinkets or milk, but for treasure of the finest, creation that masters whisper about, women covet and men ache for.
The place harboring diamonds is her target, a secret hideaway that only few know about. This is a project, which only the most prolific cat burglars would attempt, something that Catwoman is more than capable of, a dare, exciting and exhilarating, adrenaline pumping, heart rate increasing declaration of power and prowess. Clad in all black latex, only unexpected shimmers of reflecting light betray her mere existence, but not her whereabouts. The latex mask is covering her face, just enough not to be recognized, but not enough to hide her sensual mouth, her invitingly sinful red lips. Like an aphrodisiac, these lips ensnare all senses of any watchman, who dare cross her path, making this pitiful individual a puppet in her crafty hands, to be discarded at her leisure. Not that Catwoman is without her trusty whip, a lethal weapon that can render any obstacle useless in a wink of an eye.
Well, I guess it is time for you to go and enjoy this series and the accompanying video! *roar* Many thanks to Simon, ( for the almost instant realization of this fantastic Catwoman outfit! I love it to death and declare it officially a stroke of genius! It is not only beautifully crafted, but complements my art perfectly. I really was Catwoman, at least for a little while… sigh! What a rush that was! *roar* Finally, also big thanks to MarkusCosinus for your creativity support :)

Catwoman RisesCatwoman RisesCatwoman RisesCatwoman RisesCatwoman Rises

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